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Coffee Marketing and Promotion



Currently, there are two coffee marketing systems in Kenya.  The time tested central auction system has coffee auctions conducted every Tuesday of the week throughout the year.  This is a market where coffee is bought by the licensed coffee dealers through competitive bidding.  The Nairobi Coffee Exchange is under the management of the Kenya Coffee Producers and Traders Association (KCPTA).

The Direct Sale, commonly referred to as “Second Window” requires that a marketing Agent directly negotiate with a buyer outside the country and a sales contract is duly signed and registered with the Board.  The Board ratifies the contract after carrying out an inspection and analyzing the coffee for quality and value as per the contract.

There are two categories of Marketing Agents namely:- Commercial Marketing Agents who offer their services purely for commercial purposes and the Grower Marketing Agents who are growers marketing their own coffee.


The Board has the responsibility together with other stakeholders of promoting Kenya Coffee.  This is done through:-

  • Generic promotion of Kenya Coffee and what it stands for the customers. (brand identity).
  • Identifying and developing strategic networks through foreign Embassies, consumer and industry organizations in order to increase awareness of the quality and the consistency of Kenya Coffee.
  • Gathering Trade and Industry intelligence on consumption and industry developments in a bid to identify opportunities, threats and advise stakeholders accordingly.
  • Establishing linkages with locally based exporters and dealers so as to gather and analyze data on market trends and consumer patterns.
  • Developing respective country and consumer profiles in existing markets as well as emerging markets of Eastern European Europe, Asia and others in order to guide industry’s marketing efforts.
  • Participating in local and international Trade Fairs and Exhibitions as a means of increasing consumer awareness. 
  • Encouraging the growers and the buyers of Kenya Coffee to enter into relationship marketing so as to shorten the marketing chain, hence increase returns to growers.

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