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Kenya Flower Council (KFC)

The Kenya Flower Council is the national "enquiry point" for the sector and works closely with the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) to liaise, on behalf of the members with government and development agencies, media, trade bodies, unions and other non governmental-organizations.

With the co-operation and support of associate members, KFC hosts Kenya Flower Days in Holland and other EU countries. The Council keeps abreast with the dynamic industry changes and is sensitive to the concerns of the affiliate members, clients alongside their customers in relation to fair trade and addresses any arising issues in the flower industry.

In this regard the Council cooperates with other stakeholders and organizations to create an enabling environment for the floriculture industry locally and abroad. For instance, they have a close working relation with Milieu Programma Sierteelt (MPS-Europe), and are in the process of seeking mutual recognition of the KFC code with other international flower labels. The Council is also a member of the international organization of flower organizations - Union Fleurs.

To promote Kenyan flowers, Kenya Flower Council organizes Kenya Flower Days in different countries. These are annual events that have so far been taking place in Holland, U.K. and Germany.

The current Kenya Flower Council membership represents more than 70% of the flowers exports. While Kenya was not exporting the products in 1970, it is currently the leading exporter to the European Union, contributing 31% of all flower sales, followed by Columbia with 17% and Israel 16%. The main European Union markets are Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, and the United Kingdom.

Membership of the KFC

Company Contact Person Physical Address
Aquila Dev. Co. Ltd Mr. Jayaraj Govindarajan P. O. Box 66743 - 00800 Nairobi
P. O. Box 357 Naivasha
Bawan Roses Ltd Betty Ann Mboche P. O. Box 46037 Nairobi
P. O. Box 235 Thika
Beverly Flowers Ltd Mr. M. Kabuyah P. O. Box 53836 Nairobi
Telephone/Fax: 020 - 862186 / 862870 / 020 - 512410
Bondet Limited Mr. Andrew Fernandes P.O Box 1076 Nanyuki
Charm Flowers Ltd Mr. Ashokkumar Patel P. O. Box 42417 Nairobi
Telephone/Fax: 020 - 222433 / 337676 020 - 442850
Countrywide Connections Ltd Richard Fernandes P.O Box 1076, Nanyuki -10400
Elbur Flora Ltd Mr. Peter Kairu P. O. Box 54 Elburgon
Enkasiti Flowers Ltd Mr. Biju Varghese P. O. Box 50315 Nairobi
Telephone/Fax: 067 - 44222 / 3 067 - 340557
Finlay Flowers Ltd Mr. Chris Mclean P. O. Box 1966 Kericho
Telephone/Fax: 052 - 30471 / 30142 / 30247 052 - 30474
Florema (K) Ltd. Peter Maina P. O. Box 124 - 20117 Naivasha
Four Ten Investments Co. Ltd. Mr. Homer Combos P. O. Box 42480 - 00100 Nairobi
Hamer (K) Ltd Mr. Peter Bresser P. O. Box 1896 Naivasha
Highflor Growers Ltd Ms. Hilda Mwihaki Karanja P. O. Box 18430-00500 Nairobi
Homegrown Ltd Mr. Rod Evans P. O. Box 10222 - 00400
Isinya Flowers Mr. Rajesh P. Dave P. O. Box 18436 - 00500 Nairobi
Kariki Ltd Mr. Richard Fernandes Managing Director P.O Box 6038-00100 Thika
Kenya Highlands Nurseries Mr. Nathani Susan P. O. Box 3474 Nakuru
Kongoni Ltd. Mr. Umang Patel P. O Box 32931 Nairobi
Kreative Roses Mr. Bas Smit P. O. Box 868-00502 Nairobi
Kisima Ltd Mr. Ivan Freeman P. O. Box Private Bag, Nanyuki
Lobelia Farms Limited J. P. Viljoen P. O. Box 227 TIMAU-60203
Longonot Horticulture Ltd Mr. Umang Patel P. O. Box 1271 Naivasha
P. O. Box 32931 Nairobi
Liki River Farm Mr. Umang Patel P. O. Box 32931 Nairobi
Magana Flowers Santosh Gholkar P. O. Box 14618 Nairobi
Matasia Valley Roses Mr. Kephar Lenein Tende
Mr. George Omondi-Farm Manager
P.O Box 62677-00200 Nairobi
Mosi Ltd Mr. Morris Wahome P. O. Box 39399-00623 Nairobi
Mt. Elgon Flowers Ltd Mr. Bob Anderson P. O. Box 124 Kitale
Nini Ltd Mr. Mike Higgins P. O. Box 569 Naivasha
Ol-Njorowa Ltd Mr. Paris Issaias P. O. Box 18156 - 00500 Nairobi
P. O. Box 879 Naivasha
Oserian Dev. Co. Ltd Mr. Ron Fasol P. O. Box 43340, Nairobi
P. O. Box 209 Naivasha
Panda Flowers Ltd Mr. Igal Elfezouaty P. O. Box 884-20117 Naivasha
PJ Dave Flower Ltd Mr. P. J. Dave P. O. Box 18436 Nairobi
Pollen Limited Mr. Iain Morrell P. O. Box 1037 Ruiru
Primarosa Flowers Ltd Mr. Naren Patel P. O. Box 540 Athi River
Redhill Flowers (K) Ltd Mrs. S. Ndungi P. O. Box 47261 Nairobi
Redlands Roses Mrs. I. Spindler P. O. Box 10 Ruiru
Sande (K) Ltd Mrs. Colete Groenewegen P. O. Box 709 Village Market
Sarkish Flora Limited Darjit Singh Kondola P. O. Box 65 Nakuru
Shalimar Flowers (K) Ltd Dennis Wedd P. O. Box 781 Naivasha
Sian Roses Ms. E Kimani P. O. Box 15139-00509 Nairobi
Simbi Roses Mrs. Nyachae / Mr Karue P. O. Box 769 Thika
Sophia Roses Ltd Mrs. Alice Muigai P. O. Box 4904 Thika
Subati Ltd Mr. Homer Combos P. O. Box 42480-00100 Nairobi
Suera Flowers Ltd Mr. E Mureithi P. O. Box 62599 Nairobi
The Plant Factory (K) Ltd Mr. Peter Maina P. O. Box 1739 Naivasha
Terra Fleur Ltd Mr. Tiku Shah P. O. Box 1092 Thika
Terrasol Ltd Mr. S. Nannes P. O. Box 63276 Nairobi
Tambuzi Ltd Mrs. Maggie Hobbs P. O. Box 1148 Nanyuki
Valentine Growers Co. Ltd Mr. Eliud Njenga P. O. Box 18755 Nairobi
Waridi Ltd Mr. Jeremy Mott P. O. Box 19294 Nairobi
Wildfire Ltd Ct. Peter Szapary P. O. box 379 Naivasha
Windsor Flowers Mr. D.F Shah P. O. Box 746 Thika

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Collaborating Agencies

  1. Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) Studio Hse 2nd Floor Argwings Kodhek road. Tel. +254-20-2710977, 2710978, 729485.
  2. Export Promotion Council (EPC) Anniversary Towers 1st & 16th Floor University way. Tel. 228534/5/6/7/8
  3. Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) Mombasa road Tel.+254-20- 502210
  4. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI)
  5. Ministry of Agriculture
  6. Kenya Flower Council (KFC) P.O. Box 24856 Tel. +254-20-883041
  7. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)
  8. Pest Control Products Board (PCPB)
  9. Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
  10. Kenya Universities and Colleges of Agriculture
  11. National Resources Institute (NRI)
  12. Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO)
  13. Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA)

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