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Work/Entry Permit

Please note that all non-Kenyan citizens must be in possession of an entry/work permit or exemption, issued by the Office of the Director of Immigration Services, before they can take up employment in Kenya, whether paid or unpaid.

Non-Kenyans wanting to carry out short term business assignments like assembling machinery, maintenance or performance whether paid or unpaid must obtain a Kenya Special Pass from The Director of Immigration Services.

Non-Kenyan students intending to pursue studies in Kenya at any level including internships, must obtain a Kenya Pupils Pass from the Director of Immigration Services before embarking on their studies.

Applications for issue of entry/work permits and Kenya Pupils Passes are not processed at this Mission.

They should be addressed to:
Director of Immigration Services
Department of Immigration
Nyayo House
PO Box 30191
Tel: +245-20-222022
Fax: +254-20-220731

All voluntary workers, students, employees, business-people and residents staying for more than three months MUST register their presence at the Alien Section of the nearest Ministry of Immigration office, Department of Immigration Services.

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