[22nd March 2016]


The Embassy wishes to note that fraudulent cases by some used car dealers/exporters from Japan has been on the rise in the recent past. Many cases have been recorded where Kenyans have ordered cars and transferred cash but shipment is not effected in time. There have also been instances where the shipped vehicles failed to meet the specifications agreed upon. In more serious cases, the agents/exporters cut-off communication with importers and go 'underground' after receiving cash from customers.

In view of the above, the Embassy has held discussions with officials of the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) and appealed for a solution to the problem. JUMVEA acknowledges the existence of the problem as warned in their website post in the link http://www.jumvea.or.jp/caution_before.php. The Association welcomes and conducts investigations where the erring agent/exporter is one of their members, but cannot act on cases of fraud by non-members.

The Embassy therefore urges prospective Kenyans wishing to import used motor vehicles from Japan to check and verify with JUMVEA if the agents/exporters they are dealing with are genuine members of JUMVEA.

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