[29th March 2019]


Further to earlier warnings on this subject, the Embassy once again wishes to bring to the attention of Kenyans that fraud in the purchase of motor vehicles from Japan has attained alarming levels, with many Kenyans losing valuable funds to unscrupulous used motor vehicle exporters. Consequently, the Embassy is overwhelmed by messages of appeal for assistance to recover cash by Kenyans who have fallen victim.
The Embassy would like to inform that it has constantly engaged the relevant authorities to prosecute the unscrupulous business practitioners but the following factors have impeded action:

    1. Under the Japanese law, fraud is regarded as a civil offence which can only be resolved through INTERPOL or by engaging a lawyer for the due process.
    2. Most of fraudulent cases are carried out by foreigners singularly or in collaboration with Japanese criminals through fake internet addresses that are not officially registered in Japan. In addition, they are not physically on the ground with offices/vehicle yards. Consequently, it has been extremely difficult to trace them. In some respect, some may not even be living and operating from Japan.

The Embassy has advised Kenyans to check the genuineness of companies they are dealing with before committing their funds. We have severally advised and wish to reiterate that prospective buyers should only deal with companies which are members of the Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) http://www.jumvea.or.jp which ensures that her members are severely punished and funds refunded in case of any misdeed.