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Service Charter


It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Kenya Embassy, Tokyo Service Charter. Japan is Kenya’s leading development partner. Our bilateral cooperation is focused on five key areas namely: Economic infrastructural development; Agricultural development; Human resource development; Health; and Environment. Japanese partnership in these areas is fundamental in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG’s) that is aligned to our Kenya’s developmental blueprint, Kenya Vision 2030 and the Big Four Agenda.

Through this Service Charter, we remain committed to offer high quality, reliable and professional services characterized by transparency, accountability, timeliness, accuracy and attention to detail in order to meet the expectations of our clients. We emphasize the necessity of excellence in service delivery and therefore reiterate our resolve to do so in timely and transparent manner.

This Charter focuses on the range and level of success that you can expect to receive from the Kenya Embassy. It outlines our service commitment and how you the client can assist us provide you with quality services. Your feedback is therefore highly values and is a critical indicator of our performance against our set service standard. The feedback can be in the form of a compliment, complaint, or suggestion on how you felt as you engaged with us through any of our service delivery channels.


The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in Japan was established in 1979 to articulate Kenya’s Foreign Policy. The Mission has the mandate to forge closer relations between the people of Kenya and the people of Japan in pursuit of deeper bilateral cooperation in trade and investments, culture, science and technology as well as other fields for mutual benefit.

For the Mission to successfully realize these principles and effectively implement its core mandate and functions, a service charter has been developed to guide its operations. The Charter sets out what the Mission is and what it does, as well as its commitment and that of its staff to provide its clients with the highest quality services commensurate with the stature of a modern Foreign Service.


A peaceful, united and prosperous Kenya, participating fully in a just and equitable world.


To pursue the interests and values of the Kenyan people, and those of Africa, through effective diplomatic engagement in Japan.


To implement Kenya’s Foreign Policy and strengthen bilateral relations between Japan and Kenya.


We embrace the Mission’s value system that embodies the principles, ideals and beliefs of its Staff and forms the foundation of the Mission’s action.

The values that guide us are:

  • Patriotism
  • Excellence
  • Team spirit
  • Professionalism
  • Discipline
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Equity


  • Diplomatic Representation in Japan
  • Implementation of Kenya Foreign Policy
  • Promotion of bilateral relations with Japan
  • Provide efficient consular services
  • Promote and protect the interests of Kenya nationals in Japan
  • Coordination with the Ministry headquarters; other Missions abroad and other Government of Kenya ministries and departments
  • Liaise with public and private sector institutions and other stakeholders to promote economic and commercial cooperation
  • Protocol matters


Our Customers include:

  • The Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs – Nairobi
  • Ministries/Departments and Agencies of the Government of Kenya
  • The people of Kenya
  • Kenya Nationals in Japan
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all other Government entities in Japan
  • Foreign Missions and Regional and International Organizations in Japan
  • The general public in Japan
  • Visitors from Japan to Kenya
  • Private sector and civil society in Japan and Kenya


We provide the following services:
To Kenya Nationals:

  • Facilitation of issuance of Kenyan Passports
  • Issuance of Emergency Certificate
  • Facilitation of issuance for Birth Certificate
  • Certification of official Kenyan documents
  • Certification of Kenyan Nationality
  • Provision of other consular services
  • Dissemination of information on Government policies
  • Information on trade and investment opportunities in Japan
  • Facilitation of Trade and Investment Missions to Japan
  • Information on Government of Kenya’s policy
  • International jobs and management of Diaspora relations
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes involving Kenyans and Japanese organizations
  • Full protocol services to visiting Kenyan dignitaries

To Other Ministries and Departments of the Government of Kenya

  • Primary interface and coordination with all ministries and departments
  • Facilitation of Kenya’s participation in events for promotion of trade, investment, tourism and culture
  • Liaison and coordination services with interlocutors at home
  • Linkage with relevant authorities in Japan
  • Coordination of relations with the Diaspora
  • Provide protocol services and advise Government on appropriate protocol procedures and practices in Japan
  • Coordination of the preparation of Government positions in the negotiation of bilateral agreements as well as participation in diplomatic conferences

To Our Host – the Government of Japan

  • Close liaison and cooperation in all matters relating to bilateral and multilateral relations
  • Provision of quality consular services to the people and residents of Japan
  • Prompt dissemination of quality information on Kenya, its people, culture, its products, history and investment opportunities
  • Clear information on Kenya’s Foreign Policy
  • Efficient Liaison services with Kenyan institutions, including Government ministries, private sector organizations and civil society
  • Professional negotiations of host agreements, ensuring Kenya’s interests are protected within the law
  • Active participation in Exhibition events, conferences, celebrations and collective diplomacy

To Our Staff

  • Proper tools, efficient systems and clear rules and regulations
  • Welfare and Human Resources services as contained in the Government of Kenya rules and regulations and laws of Japan
  • Financial and accounting services
  • Fairness and respect at all times
  • Opportunities for self actualization through hard work and initiative


We are committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our customers. You can expect the following from us:

We will:

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy, maintaining confidentiality where required
  • Identify ourselves when we speak to you
  • Be clear and helpful in our interactions
  • Act with care, diligence, honesty and integrity as we prepare to respond and deal with your concerns
  • Refer enquiries we cannot answer to an appropriate agency/ authority
  • Ensure that our website is well set out and user friendly

We will Endeavour to:

  • Deal with your enquiries and complaints quickly and effectively
  • Answer your phone calls promptly
  • Attend to visitors promptly upon arrival
  • Notify you of our meetings, at least two days in advance
  • Reply to your letters, faxes and e-mails within five working days and on more complex issues, our initial reply will give you an estimate of the time a full response will take, and the cost, if any
  • Prompt payments for goods, services and works upon submission of accurate invoices and any other supporting documents in line with the Government procurement rules and regulations

We will be available:

  • During official working hours from 9.00hrs to 12.30hrs and 14.00hrs to 17.00hrs, Monday to Friday. The Mission shall remain closed during weekends and public holidays in Kenya and Japan
  • For emergency concerns, please call 03-3723-4006

Service Improvement

  • We aspire to offer quality services efficiently and effectively
  • We aspire to improve & sustain the quality of our services by adapting service enhancement technologies & respond to the changing needs of our clients
  • Upgrade our services in accordance with world technological advancements and demands.


As Customers
You can assist us by:

  • Providing accurate, timely information and documentation to facilitate prompt action
  • Upholding professionalism and integrity in your interactions with us
  • Treating our staff courteously and with respect
  • Giving your views and comments as a vital ingredient in helping us to monitor and improve the relevance and quality of our service to our client
  • Giving your views in random surveys of how you perceive our services and what additional services you need
  • Observing and respecting our procedures, rules and regulations

As Service providers
In our Interaction with our customers, we commit to:

  • Uphold professionalism and integrity
  • Provide effective and efficient services
  • Provide timely and relevant information as and when required
  • Treat both information and our customers with confidentiality
  • Treat customers with respect and courtesy
  • Maintain an open-door policy to all in need of our services
  • Hire and retain staff of high caliber to promote a quality service
  • Promptly and positively respond to staff needs
  • Provide a conducive working environment

To Each other as colleagues

  • Teamwork and collective responsibility
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability
  • Courtesy and respect
  • Respect for family values
  • Equity


Feedback on compliments, positive recognition, unfulfilled expectations and dissatisfactions should be brought to the attention of the following:-

  • The immediate officer in charge of the matter
  • If dissatisfied with the outcomes, a formal appeal should be made to the Deputy Head of Mission
  • In case you are dissatisfied with the decisions of the Deputy Head of Mission and have information or evidence that may not have been considered in the decision made, you may make an appeal at the appellate level where you will be expected to make a personal presentation to the Ambassador


This Charter will be reviewed once every two years. Additionally, we will continuously monitor and evaluate the level of our service delivery through annual customer satisfaction surveys.


Embassy of the Republic of Kenya
3-24-3, Yakumo, Meguro-ku
TOKYO 152-0023, Japan

Tel. No. 03-3723-4006/7
Fax. No. 03-3723-4488
E-mail: kenrep@kenyarep-jp.com
URL: www.kenyarep-jp.com