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Karibu Kenya

Baloon Safari at Masai Mara National Reserve

You of course can enjoy with a unique combination of “Nature” and “Wildlife” in Kenya as expected. You will also discover that Kenya has a variety of attractions, with a mixture of “Culture”, “Adventure”, “Sports” and “Resort”. Kenya is therefore the tourism destination where you can enjoy all of them together. You are bound to get excited by new findings and precious experiences everyday in Kenya.

The word “Safari” was created in Kenya that means “Journey” in Kiswahili language. Therefore you can easily understand that Kenya has stood as an attractive tourism destination for long.

Unique experiences that you cannot have in any other places in the world are waiting for you in Kenya. This includes Walking Wildlife in the savanna, Traditional Cultures, Unspoiled Beaches, Beautiful Corals, Magnificent forest located under the equator, High mountains, Hot Deserts, Cool Highlands, Rich History, and a Warm and Friendly people. You can choose whatever you want to enjoy!

Welcome to Kenya!

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